Choosing an Airway Buffing Wheel

When it comes to achieving a flawless finish on your workpiece, selecting the right airway buffing wheel and compound is crucial. Each colour represents a specific stage in the buffing process, offering varying levels of cut and finish. The Airway buffing wheel acts as a carrier for the compound where the firmer the wheel and more aggressive it will be. In this guide, we’ll explore the characteristics of five different coloured airway buffing wheels, helping you make informed decisions for your polishing needs.

1. Yellow – Heavy Cut

Application: Yellow airway buffing wheels are designed for heavy cutting. If your work surface has deep scratches or imperfections, this wheel is your go-to choice. Its aggressive cutting action makes it ideal for initial material removal, preparing the surface for subsequent stages.

2. Pink – Cut

Application: Pink airway buffing wheels are perfect for the initial stages of cutting and cleaning. They provide a balanced combination of cutting power and surface cleaning, making them effective for removing moderate imperfections and preparing the material for further refinement.

3. Purple – Cut and Finish

Application: Purple airway buffing wheels offer a versatile solution for both cutting and finishing. These wheels provide a good cut while leaving a smooth and polished surface. They are suitable for achieving a balanced result, especially when you want to reduce scratches and obtain a refined finish.

4. Green – Medium Cut and Finish

Application: Green airway buffing wheels are designed for situations where the material is in good shape and doesn’t have a lot of scratches. These wheels offer a finer cut and finish, making them suitable for enhancing the surface appearance and preparing it for the final stages of finishing.

5. White – Softest Buff for Finishing/ Super Finishing

Application: White airway buffing wheels are the softest in the lineup, making them perfect for the final stages of finishing or colouring. They provide a gentle touch to the surface, ensuring a smooth and flawless result. Use white buffing wheels when you need to achieve a high-gloss finish without introducing any new scratches.

Selecting the right airway buffing wheel is essential for achieving the desired finish on your workpiece. Understanding the characteristics of each colour allows you to make informed decisions based on the specific needs of your project. Whether you’re dealing with heavy imperfections or aiming for a fine, polished surface, the variety of colours available ensures that there’s a perfect airway buffing wheel for every application.