Rapid Abrasives continues to seek Canadian Distributors to represent our company.

We Source

All of your grinding, finishing and polishing needs will be met. Our quality made abrasives and strategic partnerships around the world ensure that you receive the finest abrasives and accessories.
Anytime you want a product, we work hard to find you the right abrasive based on your requirements. And we ensure you receive value, service and loyalty as well.

The products you need. The value you want.

We Serve

As part of our Canadian Manufacturing and Distribution network, you’ll receive our highest level of service as well as quality products. Whether you’re looking for order fulfilment, quotation requests or a quick turnaround time, our staff is committed to your business.

We Find

If you require a unique abrasive or accessory we will manufacture it, if we can’t we can source it. If that abrasive or accessory is across the world, we’ll get it. Experience and relationships with suppliers allow us to find and get you the right high-quality products for a price that will make you happy.