Buffing and Polishing Products

Conventional buffing wheels are a general purpose buff, used to polish and finish all types of surfaces including ferrous and non ferrous metals. The buffing wheels are made from a variety of materials and sewing patterns to provide varied results.


White Unbleached Cotton Buffing Wheel is your general purpose buff that can be used in all situations and can be used with all types of compounds.

Yellow Mill Treated Buffing Wheels will provide a more aggressive buff excellent for removing the small scratches remaining in your product. The treated cotton will also stand up better providing a longer lasting buff.

Sisal Buffing Wheel are made from coarse natural fibers similar to burlap. The Sisal provides a stiff aggressive buff and can be used for cutting or finishing.

Canton Flannel Buffing Wheel are a great final stage buff. Made with fleeced cotton on one face this wheel is very soft.

Sew Patterns

  • Loose Sewn, this buff is created for applications of soft and flexible applications. A Center circle stitch is applied at the center of the buff only allowing for a soft mushy buff.
  • Spiral Sewn, the most cost effective pattern available for general purpose applications. Rows are sewn spirally from center to edge of buff using a selected sewing space to create a softer or harder buff. ¼” sew for harder and ½” sew for softer buff.
  • Circular Sewn, this is one of the most common sewing patterns for creating a semi soft buff. By selecting a stich spacing you can create a softer of harder buff. 1” spacing for a soft buff and 3/8” for harder buff. Rows are concentric where each sew completes a full circle.
  • Square Sewn, this sew pattern creates the firmest buff pattern available. By decreasing the stitch spacing it will create a tight form holding its shape for a more aggressive application.

Airway Buff

Airway Buffing Wheels are made of mill treated or untreated cotton mounted to a steel ring center to create pleats in the cotton surface. The Pleats allow the buffing wheel to run cool and polish longer than a standard buff.



Compounds are used with our buffing wheels to increase the effectiveness of the wheel. We carry a variety of compounds including Kocour in multiple colours suited to different aspects of the buffing, Cutting or Polishing process. Some are rough and allow quick removal of scratches from various metal surfaces; Others are gentler and designed to provide a beautiful , shining finish to your work.


Felt Bob

Felt bobs are made from the finest wool and materials for use with various profilers and reciprocating machines. Felt bobs can be used with diamond compound or polishing compounds to produce a high surface finish.