Selecting Abrasive Discs

have you ever wondered what options you have when it comes to selecting abrasive discs, what mounting options you have? below have will talk briefly about a few options.

PSA Backed

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive – also short for “PSA” in our industry. PSA used as a sticky backed coating on Sanding Discs and Sheets to provide adhesion to working tools. Commonly applied by manufacture as a hot melt glue or two sided tape to the backing of abrasives.



Hook and Loop Backed

Hook and loop backing is typical in Orbital Discs Sanding applications where operations require removing and reattaching different grits on a continuous basis. Also known as Velcro® backed in our industry.



Plain Backed

Plain Backed discs have no bonding attached to surface. Operators are required to use a contact cement or epoxy to mount products to machine. This is a more permanent bond used in large diameter discs with high heat applications.


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